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Fours to be Reckoned With.
These powerful four-cylinder 4-strokes have a chip on their shoulders. Actually it's more like a block a big-block inline power head with a class leading 174.9 cu. in. of displacement. Suzuki's DF150 and DF175 may be compact and lightweight, but they pack a heavy punch. All these cubes, together with advanced features like dual overhead cams, enhanced air intake system with multi-stage induction, variable valve timing (DF175) and sequential multi-point electronic fuel injection ensure plenty of smooth power on tap. Superior torque and powerful gearing with a 2.5:1 final drive ratio help even heavy boats jump out of the hole and quickly accelerate to eye-watering top speeds.

THESE ARE SMOOTH OPERATORS too, thanks to Suzuki's specially designed counter balancer and a new thrust mount system that helps absorb vibrations and improves boat performance. Bass fishing, bay fishing or blue water, Suzuki's DF150 and DF175 are powerful matches for any boat in fresh or salt water.

- Sequential Multi-Point Fuel Injection
- Counter Rotation Available
- Clean and Efficient
- Idle Air Control
- Battery Isolator
- One-Piece Forged Crankshaft
- Forged Lightweight Pistons
- Oil-Bathed Timing Chain
- Multi Stage Air Induction
- Offset Driveshaft
- Tilt Limit Switch
- Tuned Intake System
- 16 Valve DOHC (Dual Overhead Cam) Design
- EZ Oil Drain Plug
- Water-Cooled Fuel Rail
- Dual Flush Ports
- On-Board Computer Diagnostics
- Unique Low Gear Ratio
- Cool Air Intake System
- Big Block Design - 2.9 Liter
- Two-Stage Mixed Cam System
- CARB Rating: 3-Star Ultra-Low Emission
- Direct Ignition



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    Alternator: 12V 44A
Manufacturer: SUZUKI Cooling:
Make: DF150 Ignition: Solid State Electronic
Year: Starting: Electric w/ Suzuki EFI
Engine Type: 150 HP 4-STROKE Exhaust:
Horsepower: 150 Trim: Power Trim and Tilt
Displacement: 174.9/2867(in/cc) Fuel Induction: EFI Multi Stage Induction
Bore/Stroke: 3.81x3.81/97x97(in/mm) Lubrication: Wet sump
Cylinders: 4 (In-line) Steering Remote
RPM: 5000-6000    
Weight: 474/215.5(lbs/kg) PRICING These prices are the "Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices" (MSRP). These are just for comparison.
Gear Ratio: 2.50:1 US: dollars
Shaft lenght: 20 or 25/508 or 635(in/mm) UK: 12.499 pounds
Gears: Netherlands: 15.599 - 15.899 euros
    France: 16.262 - 17.217 euros
    Australia: dollars

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