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Tohatsu gives boaters exactly what they need: more power and less weight! All of these truly portable models offer an incredible horsepower-to-weight ratio. These are the ultimate outboards for convenience and portability. The 5 weighs only 19 kgs. And the 2.5 and 3.5 weigh in at 12.5 and 13 kgs., respectively! Wherever you're going, there's a little Tohatsu to take with you!

- Excellent reliability with proven 2-stroke technology
- Simple in design
- Loop charged induction for smooth operation and fuel economy
- CD ignition system for quicker starts
- Carrying handle
- High grade marine aluminum alloy that provides the ultimate protection against corrosion
- Zinc coating on internal water passages for superior corrosion resistance
- 2.5A hp: F - R by 360 degree steerability
- Resin propeller
- Built-in fuel tank 1.4 liter
- Safety lanyard (an essential protection feature standard on all Tohatsu outboards)



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What year is my engine?

    Alternator: N/A
Manufacturer: TOHATSU Cooling:
Make: M2.5 Ignition: CD Ignition
Year: Starting: Manual
Engine Type: 2.5 HP 2-STROKE Exhaust: Underwater
Horsepower: 2 Trim: 5 Tilt Positions
Displacement: 4.55/74.6(in/cc) Fuel Induction: Loop Charged
Bore/Stroke: 1.85x1.69/47x43(in/mm) Lubrication: Premixed fuel
Cylinders: 1 Steering Tiller handle
RPM: 3800-5200    
Weight: 27.5/12.5(lbs/kg) PRICING These prices are the "Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices" (MSRP). These are just for comparison.
Gear Ratio: 2.15:1 US: dollars
Shaft lenght: 15 or 20/381 or 508(in/mm) UK: pounds
Gears: Forward only Netherlands: euros
    France: euros
    Australia: dollars

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