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Game. Set. Match.
In only a few years, this trio of powerful 3.6-liter V6 outboards has changed all the rules and made two strokes ancient history. Now Suzuki has added the NEW 2008 DF200TL, a 20-inch shaft 200-horsepower motor specially designed to put the "sport" in sport pontoon boats.

Suzuki's DF250, DF225 and DF200 outboards feature some of the most advanced engineering ever packed under a cowl like digital sequential electronic fuel injection, dual overhead cams, a self-adjusting timing chain, variable valve timing (DF250), multi-stage induction for efficient airflow (DF250, DF225) and solid-state direct ignition.

THESE WINNING FEATURES add up to exhilarating performance, rock-solid reliability and range-stretching fuel efficiency. To help keep your electronics humming and the fun coming, Suzuki added a powerful 54-amp alternator and water cooled voltage regulator. Suzuki's proven 55-degree block and offset driveshaft makes these compact motors a perfect match for all kinds of boats in single, twin and triple installations.

- Swings a 16" Diameter Prop
- Offset Drive Shaft
- Tilt Limit Switch
- 3 + 3 Protection available option
- Digital Electronic Fuel Injection
- H-D Lower Unit and Gear Set
- Counter Rotation Available
- Largest Gear Reduction
- Idle Air Control
- Multi Stage Air Induction
- Oil-Bathed Timing Chain
- CARB Rating: 3-Star Ultra-Low Emission
- Air Cooled H.O. Alternator Water-Cooled Reg./Rec
- Two Stage Cam Drive Gear Reduction
- 32 Bit Computer
- Suzuki Start System
- Lightweight / Large Displacement
- Direct Ignition
- Dual Throttle Bodies
- EZ Oil Drain Plug
- 54 Amp Charging Alternator
- On-Board Computer Diagnostics
- Most Compact with an Exclusive 55 V-Block
- 30" Shaft Available



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    Alternator: 12V 54A
Manufacturer: SUZUKI Cooling:
Make: BF250 Ignition: Direct Ignition
Year: Starting: Electric Start w/Suzuki EFI
Engine Type: 250 HP 4-STROKE Exhaust: Through Prop Hub Exhaust
Horsepower: 250 Trim: Power Trim and Tilt
Displacement: 220.5/3614(in/cc) Fuel Induction: EFI - Multi Stage Induction
Bore/Stroke: 3.74x3.35/95x85(in/mm) Lubrication: Wet Sump
Cylinders: V6 (55 degrees) Steering Remote
RPM: 5500 - 6100    
Weight: 580/263(lbs/kg) PRICING These prices are the "Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices" (MSRP). These are just for comparison.
Gear Ratio: 2.29:1 US: dollars
Shaft lenght: 25 or 30/635 or 762(in/mm) UK: 17.100 pounds
Gears: F N R Netherlands: euros
    France: euros
    Australia: dollars

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